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Curtain Making Supplies

This is by no means an exhaustive supply of curtain making accessories, but ones which we use and would recommend.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please email us 
 7.5cm (3") 5 pocket, 3 cord white pencil pleat curtain tape
£0.70 per metre
5cm (2") white pencil pleat tape
(Sticks to hook tapes (Velcro))
£0.45 per metre
Ivory Sateen Lining, Solprufe, Crease Resist Finish
100% cotton, 137cm (54") wide, 125gms per square metre, 72 x 96, high quality, proven value
£3.60 per metre
White Cotton Sateen Lining
Schreiner finish, 137cm wide, 125 grms per square metre, 72 x 96, 100% cotton
£2.99 per metre
Premier Non FR Blackout lining
137cm wide, white, 265 gms per square metre, 3 pass
Heavy weight bleached bump interlining
80% cotton, 137cm (53")wide, 370gsm
Will shrink if steam ironed
£4.60 per metre
Lightweight Sarill Interlining 
An inexpensive alternative to bump and domett interlining. 165gsm, 136cm wide
£2.50 per metre
Lead penny weights
25mm diameter, 13gms 
£0.14 each
(Ensures even hanging when sewn into the corners and at every fabric join.)
White Plastic Curtain Hooks
£0.03 each
Metal Pin Hooks for Buckram Headings
£0.04 each 
12.5cm (5") White Heading Buckram
Single Side Fusible
£0.69 per metre
D-rings - lightweight gilt 20mm
£0.10 each
Brass Vine Eyes 62mm 
£0.25 each
( These long screws are fixed either at the back of a pelmet board or wall, the last curtain hook is inserted into the eye and a 'return' is made thus stopping light seeping in through the sides of the curtains.)
Easy cover Button Shells 
15mm - £0.25 each
22mm - £0.36 each
Piping Cord
 5mm Smooth Piping Cord
£0.10 per metre
Polyester Wadding    
2oz white, 150cm wide, 70 gsm £1.20 pm
40z white, 150cm wide, 135 gsm £2.40 pm
25mm Hollow Brass Rings
£0.11 each