What to consider .......

Beautiful hand-made curtains and blinds are an investment so it's best to get it right from the outset.                                                             
Here are a a few things you may wish to consider initially:
Your Style - do you like a traditional or modern and contemporary look?
                           - do you have a colour scheme in mind?
The Room - which direction does the room face, warm and sunny south or cooler north-facing?
                          - is it draughty?  Do you need extra insulation?
                          - if it's a bedroom, do you need to keep the light out and require privacy?
Fabric - hand and hand with your overall style, what type of fabric do you like? 
                - Does it need to match, compliment or be a contrast with anything in the room?
Track or pole
Length - sill-length - accurate measuring is required for this length to ensure that the curtains effectively block out the light and hang well
                  - below sill length - you may opt for this length if you have a radiator below the window(s)
                  - floor-length - looks good in many rooms and adds a touch of opulence.  You may want the curtains to skim the floor or pool at the bottom.
                  - how much space do you have on either side of the window(s)?
Heading - there are many different headings for curtains from a simple pencil pleat to a more sophisticated hand-made heading.
Trimmings - do you want to 'jazz up' your curtains by adding a trim or boarder on the bottom of the curtains, across the top or sides or even have the curtains made in several different fabrics?  Do have a look at our  Trimmings page for some lovely examples of beading, braids and tiebacks.
Tiebacks/Holdbacks - these will add the finishing touches and keep the curtains off the windows.
* Put up your curtain track or pole before measuring.
* To exclude light and draughts, we recommend that each curtain overlaps your window by 15cm in the middle.
* The width measurement should be the length of the track or pole (between the finials) not the window.
Size of Window is your window small with very little space on either side?
                                    - is our window in a deep recess with no room for a pole or track?
                                    - do you want an easy yet practical and functional window dressing?
                                    - if you answer "yes" to any of the above a blind (Roman or roller) would be ideal.
Roller Blind - this type of blind is stylish yet practical and comes in a variety of colours, ranging from sheers (voiles) to blackout blinds, with shaped and trimmed hems, beads or eyelets and you can even add a pull or pole to complete the look.  Fabric swatches available - please ask.
Roman Blind  - this type of blind is elegant and stylish and can be trimmed, have a co-ordinated border, lined with blackout and shaped.  It can be operated with a traditional cleat and acorn or headrail and chain.  Almost any fabric can be used to make a Roman blind.